6 Easy Ways a Financial Advisor Can Add Value

This article, last updated in December 2023, is original content written by Manchester, CT Financial Advisor Thomas Scanlon, CFP®, CPA.

freeimage-8078086-high1) Risk Management

I know risk management is just another term for insurance. No one wants to read about insurance, much less buy more of it. Insurance however is just a way to share the risk. There are many risks we face and not all of them can be insured against. A good financial advisor will be able to articulate the risks and offer the ways to manage these risks.


2) Cash Flow

Face it, money is tight. The economy is not exactly roaring. One way a financial adviser can add value is to get a handle on your expenses. It won’t be their job to tell you what your budget is. That’s your job. A good advisor however will be able to tell you what the consequences of going off the reservation too far are. Day to day living expenses, saving for retirement and education and oh, paying for a little vacation all add up.

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