Asset Allocation

Asset Allocation(1) is a process that strives to balance risk and reward by allocating assets in a portfolio among the major asset classes of stocks, bonds, real estate and cash. This is a critical step in accumulating and preserving your investable net worth. One study(2) found that 94% of the returns you achieve are related to your asset allocation model.

That sure is a big percent!

What’s the big deal?

Well, just about everything! After we work closely with you to establish your asset allocation, we will review it and adjust accordingly so you can stay the course.

The primary driver of your asset allocation will be the issue of when you need the money. Therefore, younger investors have a longer timeline and could accept more risk. More mature investors have a shorter timeline and may want less risk. This is why we take a ‘deep dive’ with our clients to individualize their asset allocation. Our mission is to help you Control Your Destiny.

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(1) Asset allocation do not ensure a profit or protect against loss.

(2) Determinants of Portfolio Performance – BHB 1986