The Financial Roadmap Experience

Step 1: The R.O.S. Conversation

The R. O. S. conversation is the first step in learning about you. This meeting is dedicated to identifying your Risks, Opportunities and Strengths (R.O.S.). It allows us to gain a better understanding of your unique and individual needs. With this understanding and background, we will be better able to support you, creating a strong bond that will form the basis of our ongoing relationship.

Step 2: The Goals Meeting

In this meeting we will discuss the results of the R.O.S. Conversation. Then we will work together to develop your financial goals. These results will help us identify, clarify and prioritize your goals.

Step 3: The Planning Meeting

Here we provide a summary of both the R.O.S. Conversation and The Goals Meeting. This will provide the framework for your financial plan. This plan will become the roadmap for your financial future.

Step 4: The Monitoring Meetings

We meet periodically with you to provide an update on the progress made towards your goals and make recommendations. We understand however, that life is dynamic. Because of this, your goals and objectives may change over time. We will make adjustments to the financial plan as a result of this.

There is no assurance that any strategy will ultimately be successful or profitable nor protect against a loss or meet its stated objectives.