Why The Affluent (Mostly) Ignore the News

This article, last updated in December 2023, is original content written by Manchester, CT Financial Advisor Thomas Scanlon, CFP®, CPA.

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There is no shortage of new. Television, radio, newspapers, magazines and of course, the internet. 24/7/365 information is coming at you. Whoever named it the ‘information age’ sure got it right!

Ignore It

Most Savvy investors have learned to mostly ignore the news. Especially news about the financial markets. They have set up systems to limit the amount of information they take in on a daily basis. Why is this? Most of the information is not meaningful or actionable to them.

Have a plan

Smart investors have a financial plan. This can be as simple as writing it on a cocktail napkin or much more complex. Simple works better for most. Either way, they have a plan that works for them. Sure, it will need to be tweaked as time marches on. That’s OK. Most investors know there will be pot holes, speed bumps and dead-end streets along the way. They will merely adjust accordingly.

Trend Watching

That’s not to suggest smart investors will ignore the news. They won’t. It’s just that they will only take in select information in small bites. And then they will usually just focus on the macro trends. They have seen interest rates falling for the past thirty years. They understand that China, while still growing strong, is slowing down. They also know that the U.S. is no longer energy dependent on other countries. In other words, they keep an eye on the major trends and ignore the day-to-day ‘noise’ generated by the media.

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