4 Reasons to Change Your Financial Advisor

Twenties Arrow1) You Are Having Communication Issues

Unfortunately communication issues can run the gamut. This could be something as simple as phone calls or e-mails are not being returned promptly. Or perhaps it’s either a lack of communication or just inconsistent communication. Either way, communication issues can certainly make your relationship with your financial advisor a challenge. Many smart advisors will promise to return all of their calls within 24 hours. This seems like a good policy and is also a clear measuring stick. We have simplified our approach and called it the “Sunset Rule.” Our goal is to return all of our clients’ calls by sunset, that day. No, unfortunately we’re not always successful doing it. Having this as our goal however and communicating it to our clients is important. It sets both ours and our clients expectations.   Continue Reading: 4 Reasons to Change Your Financial Advisor