3 Easy Ways to Find a Financial Advisor

In our last post we showed you 3 Proven Reasons You Need a Financial Advisor.  Here are 3 easy ways to find a financial advisor.

1) Ask Friends and Family

Friends and family is the easiest way to get started looking for a Financial Advisor.  You see them the most and communicate with them regularly. (Usually) you trust their judgment. Just be clear about what you are looking for.  Friends and family may have (a general) idea of where you are at financially. Some Financial Advisors can have very high minimum accounts that they will only work with. You would want to meet with potential financial advisors where there may be an opportunity to have a relationship going forward.

2) Ask Other Professionals

Ask other professionals that you, or your friends and family work with. This could be CPA’s, attorneys, insurance agents or bankers.  These referrals can prove invaluable. People in these professions work with clients and their financial issues all day, every day. They know which financial advisors you might consider working with and which ones to stay away from. As you are asking for the referral dig a little deeper and ask why they are recommending someone.  Find out what they like about them. This will make it easier for you when you meet with that Financial Advisor.

3) Verify Online

This is the final step and a necessary one.  Going online to validate what you have been told is helpful. Be sure to do this step last. You just want to confirm what you have been told so far.

A word of caution however is needed when researching online.  Take what you see online with a grain of salt. Just because someone says something on their website does not necessarily make it true. This final step is just to confirm what you have been told already. Nothing more than that. Most smart Financial Advisors will try to put their “best foot forward” on their website and other online presence.  This certainly makes sense. A client’s or potential client’s first impression is no longer the Financial Advisors office.  Their first impression is the website.  If the website is first class, the presumption is that the Financial Advisor is also first class.

Here are 3 Easy Ways to find a Financial Advisor.  After you have done your homework, schedule an appointment to meet with a few of them.



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